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'massive noisy pompom' at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. October 2017.
(Photo: by Sven-Amin Lembke)

Roll, caress and throw the massive noisy pompom to make sound. With a loud palette of colour and sound, it sets out to challenge perceptions of craft and electronic music.

The massive noisy pompom is the largest of a family of noisy pompoms, measuring one metre across. It stems from a background of electronic musical instrument making, within a DIY culture of artists crafting, experimenting and creating with technology as a post-digital method of music making.

Audience members become collaborators through hands on interaction, exploring and experimenting with the pompom to make music. This participatory approach focuses less on the mastery traditionally associated with playing an instrument, but more the facilitation of a playful, inclusive and interactive environment, inviting people to join in. 'Playing', in this instance, closer resembles a non-virtuosic and child-like process of play, whereby musical and performative ideas are generated and developed through the curiosity, imagination and idiosyncrasies of active participants.

Work in progress. September 2017.

Snip! October 2017.

The massive noisy pompom was made using the traditional cardboard ring method, whereby yarn was continually wrapped around a cardboard donut, then cut open and tied. A large proportion of the material was found and recycled, sourced from old knitwear and knitting projects. The material from this project is now being reused again, to generate smaller pompoms and other artworks.

'massive noisy pompom' at A.P.T Gallery, London, UK. May 2018.

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massive noisy pompom

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